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SAHV 2012 Update - Summay of Changes
Queensland Public Lighting Design Manual - (00767)
Public Lighting - Standard Conditions for Public Lighting Services - Manual 00576
Underground Distribution Construction Policy Manual - 00366
STD00978 (BMS03329) Pole Transformer Fusing Standard
Commercial & Industrial Substations Manual - Manual 00293
SAHV Procedures - RED 00376 (previously BMS 2190)
10882 - Fibre Broadband Network Standards
Operating Practices - Works Involving the Energex Low Voltage Network - RED 01455
Earthing FAQs (73KB)
Energex Public Lighting Management Standard (RED1226)
Distribution Earthing Manual - RED 00758
Earthing Of High Voltage Electrical Apparatus For The Protection of Personnel
Joint Standard for Network Labelling & Signage Manual RED01969
Operating Practices Manual - RED 00301 previously BMS 01611
00302 OHDM - Limit State (Issue 13)
Underground Distribution Construction Manual version 26
Queensland Public Lighting Manual Issue 11
OHCM Full Version (South East)
00295 - Supply and Planning Manual
Developer Design & Construct Estates
Reconfiguring An Allotment
Energex Technical Standard for Customer Installation of Low Voltage Capacitors BMS03276
Works Plan Standard - Electricity - RED 00991 previously BMS 02167
Form 8562 - Subdivision Construction Detail Sheet and Approval to Construct Form
As Constructed Drawing Standard - RED 01037 previously BMS 03415
Developer Update - Changes to Developers Materials Listings Process
Resource Estimation Guide - Manual 00367
Pole Inspection Form - Contestable Works
- CU Breakdown - Overhead (Excel)
Compatible Unit Listing - Overhead (Excel)
- CU Breakdown - Underground (Excel)
Compatible Unit Listing - Underground (Excel)
- CU Breakdown - Distribution Substations (Excel)
Compatible Unit Listing - Distribution Substations (Excel)
- CU Breakdown - Streetlighting (Excel)
Compatible Unit Listing - Streetlighting (Excel)
Public Lighting Application 11042022
Subdivision Application Form 11042022
C-0038 - EQL - Contestable Works - Operational Update - LGA Approval
Approved Products List (Form 2020)
Form 8799 Energex Accredited Underground Civil Service Providers (06062022)
Energex Estimating with Pictures Ver 05 June 22
Major Customer Connections
Large Customer Connection Construction Detail Information - 3022
Form 8844 - Completion Package for Developer Design and Construct Large Customer Connections
Submission Checklist for Customer Substations -1328
StdsA421a - Ratings Parameters and Assumptions for Large Renewable Connections
STNW1179 Standard for Plant Energisation
Operational Updates
Significant Incident Brief
C-0002 Operational Update 03_12_18 - Subdivisions
URD Contractor news letter Q1 2019
Interim Working Live OH open wire
Direction No.2 - Live open wire LV works
C-0004 Operational Update Contestable Works Safety Awarness
URD Contractor news letter July to Oct 2019
Capturing of span heights and ambient temperatures after re-tensioning or reconductoring - No T-1563
T-1563 - Capturing of span heights and ambient temperatures after re-tensioning or reconductoring
URD Contractor Newsletter October to December 2019
Form 0641 Energex Contestable Works Electrical Contractor Completion Package Information 07042020
C-0007 Energex Operational Update Contestable Works 07042020
C-0010 Contestable Works - Energex Operational Update - Commissioning Forms
C-0011 Energex Operational Update - Small lot LV switching fees
C-0012 Contestable Works - Energex Operational Update - Community Title Schemes v2
C-0015 Energex - Contestable Works - Operational Update - Payment of Design Application Fees
C-0016 Energex - Contestable Works - Operational Update - Submission of Wayleaves
C-0017 Energex - Contestable Works - Operational Update - "For Construction" drawings
C-0019 Energex - Contestable Works - Operational Update - Fees and Charges 2020_21 v2
Contestable Works - Core work activities v1
C-0021 Energex_Ergon - Contestable Works - Operational Update - Christmas planned outages 2020
C-0023 Ergon_Energex Contestable Works Operational Update - Changes to Audit Reports
C-0020 v2 Energex - Contestable Works - Operational Update - PMT location and clearances
Circular - EQ UCA 2020 - Information Regarding Wage Increases and Allowances (Core Work)
C-0024 Energex - Contestable Works - Operational Update - 11kV feeder spurs
Contractor Bridging Course Comms - 16.02.2021
Energex - Multi-Unit Commercial Industrial - Operational Update - 06082021
C-0026 Energex Operational Update - HV Recipient - Primary Point of Contact
C-0027 Energex Operational Update Contestable Work - LV Circuit Ties
C-0029 Energex_Ergon Operational Update Contestable Works - Contract Execution and Payments
C-0030 Ergon Energex Christmas 2021 Planned Interruptions - Contestable Works
F3109 PMT drawing submission checklist
C-0031 Energex_Ergon Operational Update - Connections Contract Obligations - Contestable Works
Contestable Works Re-Authorisation Framework
C-0034 Energex - Pole Inspection Form
C-0035 Energex - Contestable Works - Operational Update - Fast Track Certificate of Supply
C-0036 - EQL - Contestable Works - Operational Update - Bulk Issuing of Site & Operational IDs
Consultant Checklist Certificate for Electricity Supply Form 2019
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