Standard work procedures

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If you are an Energex Contractor or Service Provider, you can download Standard Work Procedures (SWP) and Work Category Specifications (WCS) relevant to the service you are authorised to provide after approval from Energex.

Validated subscribers can access SWPs and WCSs through the current subscriber login box.

Energex Contractors or Service Providers who now need to access SWPs or WCSs and have not yet applied to subscribe can do so by completing the Registering for Access to Standard Work Procedures and Work Category Specifications form and submitting it to Energex.

Standard Work Procedures and Work Category Specifications ensure Contractors or Service Providers undertaking design and field service work such as construction and maintenance for Energex follow due process.

It also provides us with a standard framework for monitoring the performance of Contractors or Service Providers to maximise business benefits.

The outcomes attributed to this process include contributions to:

  • safety of staff and public
  • improved reliability and quality of supply for Energex customers
  • reduced asset life cycle costs through optimum utilisation of maintenance resources
  • responsible environmental management
  • a consistent approach on how work is undertaken and performance assessed.

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